Broadcast your event, let your crowd get in sync.

Live Broadcasting Tools

Our platform is built to allow artists to easily stream audio and video and control the streams that attach to it. Control access to the influencers you want to be able to broadcast your shows, add your logos and information to thier posts.

High Quality Content

Fans that create video broadcasts through Audiyo have better content, in STEREO.

Control Your Sound

Music is your art, people are broadcasting you, share your true sound.

Did we mention STEREO?

As an influencer, your content matters. Make your content stand out by capturing the stereo feed from Audiyo artists!


Coordinate with local influencers and event producers to create a better experience for your broadcasts.

Geolocated Events

Browse Audiyo enabled events to find great shows to cover, with better sound.

Broadcast in STEREO to

Facebook Live

Broadcast in STEREO to

Youtube Live

Broadcast in STEREO to

Periscope Live


Just wait until you hear it.


Let's all get music back on track.


  • Livestream events in Stereo
  • Exclusive events
  • Stream to multiple networks at once
  • Stream including logos
  • Influencer only community
  • VIP Event access


  • Your events in Stereo!
  • Control your audio!
  • Require your tags and logos for posts!
  • Create filters for effects!
  • Better influencers, better content!
  • Restrict access


  • Brand awareness
  • Easy contracts
  • Influencer content
  • New and renown artists
  • Geolocated branding
  • Creative outreach

Coming soon

We are beta testing. Sign up as an artist or influencer for more details.

Verified Artists and Influencers only

Our platform is restricted to those with verified facebook accounts. We care about the quality of our producers, not the quantity.

Our registration is restricted and reviewed. We care about the privacy and reach of our users.

Register below and we will review your credentials. We will be launching a FAN platform shortly, if you do not qualify for our broadcasting platform, we will keep you informed.

interested in our beta?

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